Nyah Pony club Horse trials

Next Event November 5th 2017. Stay tuned.

If you have enjoyed your day here with us don't forget that we have another trials coming up in November. The 5th of November to be precise. "Guy Fawkes Day".

So mark that one off on your calendar. I , for one, will look forward to seeing so many nice happy competitors. I wish that we could all get a first place. But unless it was earned the hard way it wouldn't have any value.
Something that you strive for and work for is worth so much more when you finally achieve it.

One last thing is to remember all the hard work done by so many faceless people so that we can all have a good day. No matter where you are or what event you are at, take the time to thank some of those people who are working for you.
I know that they would appreciate that.


Here are all the times for each entry for 2017
They are finalized now so no change can be made to times etc. If there is a serious problem then let the organizers know and they may attempt to make adjustments on the day.


Sunday 17th May 2017

At Vinifera


A cool morning lead to one of those magnificent Autumn days. Warm sun, cool air and a light breeze. Almost the perfect conditions for riding a horse.

Of course some of us rode a bit better than others.

So for anyone who is interested here are all the results from the day.

final results
Dressage Results
Cross country results
Places of finalists
Todays results as from the web

I have been trying to build a different results sheet to make it easy for anyone who JUST needs to know the winners.
For what it is worth here is version 1.

Place getters