Deniliquin pony club results.


I had a very early morning unfortunately. I know that normally the competitors have to be up very early and I pity them. This year something went wrong at home so I was up most of the night. At least there was no fog on the way to Deni.

It did rain early which made a bit of panic amongst all our judges who were picturing being stuck out in the rain for hourse but luckily it too passed.

The day itself ran smoothly and apart from the usual few queries it finished well.

One thing that I must always comment on is that we sometimes have good luck and sometimes bad luck. That is unavoidable. What sets us apart is those who can simply accept this and be proud of what they have achieved.

That is the mark of good sportsmanship.

I hope that everyone can realize how lucky we are to be able to be out with our friends and share a common love of our horses.

Here are the results of the day.

PS I was asked about the M on the cross country.
This is used when a jump is not shown as completed. Either you jumped the wrong grade, or missed the jump altogether, or withdrew after a couple of refusals, or for jumps where you might have been walking in. Any situation in which the judge does not award you the jump.


Xc summary
Dressage summary
Today ( summary as it appeared on the web)
Places. Everyone in order of the scores including all countbacks.